a boat, a bus, a walk, cooks and crack

Yesterday I went to work with Cintia. My goodness, we left the house at 9am and walked about a block to catch the bus. We rode the bus for an hour and then took another short walk to get to the boat. We took a twenty minute boat ride and then another short walk to her building. It was quite the commute. She doesn’t get home until 9:30pm. It was a long day to say the least. Her coworkers didn’t really speak English, so I read my book and did my Portuguese homework until lunch. We went to a cute little restaurant that was nearby for quick lunch before heading to a workshop for a few hours. It was really long, but kind of entertaining — they were divided up into groups at one point and had to do these little skit things. It was funny. Then they got prizes and my new friend, Pedro (I think that was his name…I met way too many people), gave me his.

After that I joined Cintia and all her coworkers in the break room for coffee and a snack. They were trying to offer me these delicious cream crackers, but instead said in broken English, “Would you like some cooks? No, no, no, I mean would you like some crack?” Haha, it was so funny . Then I met a new friend, (sorry there is absolutely no hope of me spelling his name correctly…) and I talked to him for a while, it was nice to meet someone who spoke English. My Portuguese is not nearly good enough to sustain conversation yet. But I’m working on it and it’s getting better 🙂 He was nice and it was fun chatting with him.

Cintia was able to get off at 7 instead of 8 last night, so we were able to head home a little bit early. We took a different boat home. This one is smaller and nicer and goes to a different location. It has a very nice bus with cushy seats and air conditioning waiting for you when you get off of the boat, but it’s way more expensive. We got home last night and relaxed and chatted for a bit and watched some TV, but were pretty tired. It’s much quieter here. At Edir and Josefina there is always noise and activity going on, but not here. The mornings are pretty quiet and peaceful. I’ve pretty much gotten used to the dogs barking and all of the other noises, but it was nice to have a peaceful morning today.

I’m going to be here through Tuesday since they have a holiday here. It’s Dia das Crianças, or Children’s Day here on Tuesday. So most people have Monday and Tuesday off and all of the children are out of school. A lot of people travel during this time, but I think we are going to stay put in our general area.


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