Weekend Pictures

I spent the holiday weekend with Cintia and Eduardo. Despite being sick and having almost no voice whatsoever, I had a great time and enjoyed all of the sights. My camera ended up dying the first day and I accidentally left my charger at Edir and Josefina’s house, so there aren’t that many pictures, but here are a few. These were taken at a park in Niteroi. On the weekends, vendors come out and sell crafts and snacks. Kind of like art in the park in Blowing Rock.

the park

cintia | me

Well, I need to go finish up some last minute homework and study before my tutor gets here! As relieved as I am that college is finally over and I have my diploma, it’s so nice to be in a class again! I think I will always be a student at heart. I love the feeling of learning new things and studying hard. Learning a language is hard and frustrating, but I know that in the end it will be so worth it!

Grace and Peace,



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