Día del Profesor & other random things

Today is Teacher’s day. Another holiday in which the children do not go to school. They only went two days this week. It’s definitely getting warmer. The high is about 90 today. Hey, at least it’s sunny! I think I’m going to be going to Cintia’s at some point this weekend, but I’m not really sure when or what we’ll be doing.

Saulo is outside bathing the dogs right now. Strong enough words to do not exist to describe how much I loathe those dogs. I suppose it’s a love/hate relationship. They are very good at their watch dog duties. At night they are let out of their cages and wander around the property just waiting to jump any would be intruders. I am thankful for their vigilance, but am terrified of them. Most nights I go next door to Gi and Wander’s house to play with the kids and watch my favorite novella with Giselly. She always has to walk me home in case Preta is out. One time when I went back by myself I was nearly attacked. I didn’t see the dog and just when I went to open the gate she jumped up and started barking. It was awful. I ran back to Giselly’s house and had to get Wander to help me. Preta is completely obedient to Edir, all he has to do is walk outside and she calms down and won’t come near me. For the rest of them they have to have a long stick that they wave around while I make a mad dash for the house. The other dogs are a little bit friendlier and I’m not so afraid of them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to go seeking them out to play fetch or anything, but if I were to run into them in the yard at some point, I wouldn’t fear for my life.

The cool weather also meant a bit of a reprieve from the vicious mosquitoes, I am sad to report that with the sunshine and warm weather they are back and out in even larger numbers. I have at least 10 new bites from yesterday and am sure to get more today. They all say that I must have sweet blood, because I’m the only one who seems to get bitten. I attract them everywhere I go come to think of it. I had to sit inside and get medication after being eaten alive at Ryan’s wedding. When I was in Milan my face got swollen from the mosquitoes there. Maybe I should go buy some OFF bugspray. The only thing about that is that while it works to repel the mosquitoes, I’m afraid it does the same to humans. It stinks so bad. I don’t want to smell like that all the time.



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