Today I went with Giselly and Davi to the salon. Davi got a trim and Giselly got highlights, a cut and her hair straightened. We were there for over 5.5 hours. Davi was picked up by Edir as soon as his cut was finished. There is no way he could have lasted that long. Anyway, everyone at the salon is so nice. I went one other time with Cintia and they really wanted to do my hair, but I politely declined. This time around they kept asking and I could tell they really wanted to get their hands on my hair. He wanted to cut it so badly that he said it was his gift to me. I was nervous, but finally decided that it’s just hair and that it’s all part of the experience. So, I said yes. Everyone was very excited. Junior, the owner’s son, washed my hair and then his dad cut it. My only restriction was that I wanted it long enough to pull back. He was a little disappointed, he wanted to cut it short, but oh baby I’ve been growing this hair out for months and I wasn’t about to see it really short and layered again. Too annoying and too much work and I prefer it to be long for the winter months at home. Communication was a little difficult and there was really no point in explaining all that to him. But then I really wanted to, because he said I had a very matronly haircut and that he was going to make it a little more modern. It was really funny. They were surprised at how thick my hair is since it is also stick straight and really silky. I definitely got my ego boost for the day there. 🙂 Haha, then Junior blow dryed and styled it for me. I am actually very pleased with the results; not too short, I can still easily pull it back, but it is a nice change. Now, they really want to highlight my hair, but I’m sorry that’s where I draw the line. There is simply no way that I’m going to allow anyone, not here, not in the US to dye my hair. I’m way too chicken for that one.

For some reason everyone is dead set on introducing me to some, in their words, “hot brasilian men.” The stylist (sorry I really don’t know his name) wanted me to come to some party and meet some guys. His son Junior said no. Haha, when I left Junior told me that he already missed me. Camila’s husband, Cleo and my other friend at the gym (sorry can’t remember his name either) want me to meet some of their Marine buddies. I just smile and laugh it off and tell them no thanks. All in all it was an interesting day. I’m going to a birthday party this evening with Giselly and Wander and the boys. Then we have another one tomorrow after church. Here’s a picture of the new hair…

new haircut



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