Feliz Aniversário

This weekend I went to two different birthday parties. The first one was last night and was Maria Eduarda’s first birthday. Her mother is a friend of Giselly’s from the school where she teaches English. We arrived and I really couldn’t believe my eyes. We just don’t have parties like this in the US and especially not for 1 year olds. The little girl couldn’t even walk or talk and there’s all this big hoopla for her and a mountain of gifts. It made me laugh. Giselly informed me that her party was just small to average and that the big parties would really blow my mind. Here are a few photos to give you an idea of what it was like.

Just in case you couldn’t tell by all of the decorations, it was a fairy themed party. Yeah there were gift bags for all of the guests with Tinker Bell on the outside. Servers were walking around the whole time serving all kinds of food and drink. Mmm, there were these delicious fruity cocktails that I loved. There was also a chocolate fondue bar and that huge pink cake. We didn’t stay long enough to eat any it though.

Today we went to Wander’s cousin’s birthday party. It was much more low key and just family. It was really nice though. Per the usual there was food everywhere. I couldn’t possibly have eaten everything that they wanted me to eat. It was all delicious and I have a piece of cake that I’m saving for later. Here is a picture of Giselly and Claudia.

Well that’s about it for now. Seriously gotta study now! I have lots of homework to do tonight.



PS Tomorrow is another holiday. I know, it’s kind of crazy, right? Not sure exactly what’s it called, but this one is for shop owners…I think kids have to go to school though. But I know my gym is closed tomorrow, so I guess I’ll be jump roping tomorrow. TTYL!


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