Let’s go to the praia


Tomorrow morning I will be on my way to this beautiful beachy paradise. I am so excited! It’s been a bit rainy and chilly here lately, but the weather is supposed to be fantastic in Búzios for the next couple of days.

Wander has a cardiology conference that he’s attending there, and I’m so thankful that they asked me to come along! We’ll be gone until Sunday and I’m not bringing my computer, so the blog will be silent until then. I am taking my camera though and have decided to channel my mother and take hundreds of pictures of what I have been told is one of the most beautiful places in Brasil. They say that the water is this beautiful clear blue with white sandy beaches. Ahh, I can’t wait! It’ll be nice to have a few days in a new place.

I’ve pretty much settled into my routine here. I’m learning a lot about the language and the culture. As far as the language goes, I feel like it’s taking forever to get to the place where I feel comfortable speaking. I can understand so much more and like I said before my comprehension grows everyday, but the speaking, not so much. My tutor is great though. I enjoy my Wednesday afternoons with her so much. I never really thought about being a linguist before, but she said that she thinks I am good at languages and that I should definitely learn French after this. I would definitely love to learn French, but it just sounds so difficult! So out of my reach…I don’t know, we’ll see. I do know now that I for sure want to go to a Spanish speaking country and finally become fluent in Spanish. For whatever reason, my Spanish has been coming back to me this last couple of weeks. Ahh and oh the memories that come flooding into my mind whenever I start to think about Spanish classes. Yes, I will definitely have to learn to speak Spanish fluently.

Other things…oh yes, I stayed up until after 1am reading last night. Haven’t done that in a while. Anyway, I was reading a book that a friend gave me before I left. It’s called, “The Geography of Bliss: One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places in the World,” it was quite an interesting read. Basically the author, Eric Weiner, studied happiness data and found the happiest countries in the world and visited them. The book was annoying at times and boring at others, but overall interesting and for some reason I just couldn’t put it down. I don’t really know why, because it’s not like it was an extremely well written work of literary art. It left me feeling a bit cheated at the end because he admitted he was still an unhappy person, which of course I knew would be the case since he openly admits that he doesn’t really believe in anything. It made me sad to think about him and all of the other people in the book that think that happiness is a physical place, or even a thing that can be bought with money or perhaps not, but can be had by finding meaningful relationships with people. In the end none of these things will be enough.

Lucas and I played soccer today. I’ve never been exactly what I’d call athletic. I like to run, but that really doesn’t take much coordination. Figure skating was a happy accident, still not sure how I managed to stand up on little blades with ice beneath my feet. I don’t even venture to think about how in the world I jumped around and spun on those things…I can barely jump up and down on the trampoline at the gym while also flailing my arms about with weights. Something inevitably goes wrong and I’m suddenly jumping off beat and out of sync with the music. At first I was terribly embarrassed that I had no rhythm and absolutely zero coordination between my arms and legs and feet. I’ve decided that as long as I’m doing the workout correctly, who cares if I’m off from the rest of the class and the music? Oh well. Wow, now that was a random tangent.

Okay, well I have to go get ready for the trip…




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