I woke up two minutes before my alarm went off at 6:15am. I love waking up on my own without the loud, obnoxious beep of the alarm. I feel fresher and like I’ve gotten enough sleep and it’s time to wake up. So, that was a great start to this beautiful morning. I hopped out of bed and brushed my teeth and made my bed just like my mom taught me. I pressed the on button and got my coffee brewing and then like I always do I spent some time reading and throwing some last minute stuff into my bag. I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast while reading my favorite blogs and news sites and of course I turned on Taylor Swift and tidied up my room. Giselly told me that we were going to leave around 7:30 or 8 this morning. So at 7:30 I decided I would walk over to their house. First problem. The door was locked. And by the door, I don’t mean their door, I mean the door to get of Edir and Josefina’s house. The one I was in. You have to have a key to unlock it from the inside as well as the outside. I was locked in. I tried every key hanging by the door, but none of them were a fit. Well I knew that Olivia or Saulo had to be coming sometime soon and I assumed that they must have a way to get in. I was right! Walking up the driveway at that very moment were Olivia and Avô. They unlocked the door and I was free! But then Avô proceeded to tell me that Giselly and the rest of her family were still sleeping. She was blocking my pathway out of the door and told me not to leave the house, like I might try to escape or something. Then I see Wander walk over to Avô and Tia’s house for breakfast looking like he just woke up. So, yes fail number 2, I am ready way too early. I look like one of those annoying, overly excited vacationers or something. Haha, oh well. So much for leaving around 7:30 or 8…I’m just going to wait here until they summon me. I’m ready to go whenever!



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