We got to Búzios around lunchtime on Thursday afternoon. We checked into our hotel room and then went to lunch. After that we just wandered around the town and found pretty little courtyards like this one. And of course Giselly and I somehow found our way into the cutest little boutiques. Búzios is a really nice resort town, so there were a bunch of really, really nice stores with lots of tempting treats. There were tons of jewelry stores and even more shoe stores. Oh there were also a ton of icecream and gelato shops. Yummy! The weather was absolutely gorgeous; perfect cloudless blue skies, sunny and warm with a slight breeze. I am so glad that I got to see this beautiful place! Wander and Gi were so kind to ask me to go with them.

After walking around for a while and doing some light shopping, we decided to stop in and get some icecream. It was a really cool little place with way too many flavors. The lady kept shoving samples of all of the flavors in my face. They were all delicious, but I was stuffed from lunch and by the time she finished giving me tastes of everything she had to offer, I felt like I had already had a couple of scoops! Her samples were HUGE.


me & lucas

Okay, well I’ve got to unpack and get some things done around here, so I’ll post more pictures and details about the trip tomorrow!

Tchau tchau! xoxo, J


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