More from Búzios

Pérola Hotel

Here’s a picture of the pool area at the hotel. It was really nice — very Southeast Asian inspired…It was a big oval with all of the rooms opening to the pool. Our room was nice. It had two twin beds, a desk, bathroom and storage area downstairs and then had a big loft upstairs with another bedroom.

Jaõa Fernandes

We went to this beach on Thursday afternoon. It was beautiful, but very crowded and a little chilly. It was a beautiful day though. Gorgeous blue skies and sunny. Búzios is a favorite among Argentinians and I heard a ton of Spanish on the beach. Lucas even made friends with one couple, so I got to speak some Spanish. My Spanish is not that great and is far from fluent, but it flows a whole lot better and more naturally than my Portuguese!

Well, once again my internet connection is acting up and taking FOREVER to upload pictures. I guess I’ll just have to post more later.



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