Búzios…let’s try this again

view from an overlook

We drove up to an overlook after our time on the beach on Thursday. The view was incredible, this picture doesn’t even begin to do it justice. It was just a gorgeous 360 view of rocky shoreline, sandy beach, blue ocean…gosh it was breathtaking!

Lucas getting his face painted

Lucas makes new friends wherever he goes. Here he is getting his face painted by a new Amazon friend.

the guys with their new friend

And of course, David had to get in on the fun…

down an alley

We were out shopping and walking around the town with our new friends, Neymar, Andreia, Stephanie and Leo when we looked down a little alley way and saw the beach!

my new friend stephanie

Stephanie walking around in the sand…Gosh, it’s so beautiful there!


I love the colorful boats! There is color everywhere and I’m so in love with it!


Yummy, Neymar bought me my first caipirnha and it was delicious! Oh it was restaurant week in Búzios. It was really cool all of the restaurants created an outdoor eating space with one or two tables. Some of the themes were really cool. Lots of people in the street and music and lots of food…

our new friends

This was on Sunday right before we left. Lucas met Leo on the first day and they became inseparable. We got to know the whole family and enjoyed hanging out with all of them. This picture is minus Neymar (the father) and Andreia (the mother). Their grandmother is the one standing next to Giselly. We had a great time and I’m so glad that I got to go.


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