technical difficulties

let me start off by saying that there will be no punctuation in this post except for periods. i am using a foreign keyboard and nothing is in the correct spot and i dont have the time or patience to make this post look nice. so bear with me. okay so my computer charger died. that means that i cant get on to update the blog and keep up with my emails. so if you have written me im sorry that i havent been able to respond. i admit its been hard to be without my poor computer…so these posts will be much less frequent now. hopefully dear old daddy will send me a new charger very soon. 🙂

this saturday i went out with my new friend and tutor, ana. we had a great time. we started the day at her house for lunch with her family. they were so kind. then we went to her dance class. it was so much fun to watch. i wish i could dance like them but im just way too uncoordinated. then we went to the mall where the movie theatre is and we shopped around. we stopped and had capuccinos and had a lovely time chatting. i really enjoy spending time with her she is a lot of fun and we have so much in common. after that we went to see eat pray love with julia roberts and javier bardem. it was great. i loved the movie and it made me crave some good pasta. so after the movie was over we went to an italian restaurant and had a yummy dinner of pasta. then her brother was kind enough to pick us up so that we wouldnt have to get a bus. he and their friend picked us up and we went to são francisco beach and got icecream and walked along the beach. it was a lot of fun.  i wish i could post the pictures.

dilma won the run off presidential elections last night. it didnt really come as a surprise as she was way ahead in the polls. i still find it interesting that no one seems to care or talk about the fact that she has had major plastic surgery…i can only imagine the snl skits.

yesterday i watched the office. i laughed so hard.

well i miss all of you so much. xoxo



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