What have you been doing lately?

Giselly's surprise from Wander 🙂

Let's Dance!


I had so much fun watching Ana’s dance class. The instructor really wanted me to dance, but I declined his kind offer…I can’t dance at all. They were really good and it looked like a ton of fun! Maybe one day I’ll try to learn.

Chocolate Cappuccino

Yummy, we went to the mall after the dance class and decided to take a break from all of the walking around and have some coffee. After that we went to “Eat. Pray. Love.” I really enjoyed the movie and we both came out craving Italian food. So we went to an Italian restaurant and got pasta. After that we went to São Francisco with her brother and one of their friends and got ice cream. I had a lot of fun that day.

yep he stops traffic and carries her bag

Haha, this is Bill, Ana’s friend. Traffic is kind of crazy here in Brazil, which makes crossing the street difficult, but not when Bill’s around! He would go out into the middle of the road and start directing the traffic announcing that ladies were going to cross. Haha, it cracked me up.

new friends

at the beach!


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