Yesterday, Josefina, Cintia and I headed into Rio. We took a short walk, a bus, a boat, another short walk, and another bus to get to Copacabana. It was quite cool, windy and a bit misty, so we didn’t linger on the beach. We enjoyed a nice lunch at a cute restaurant, did some shopping and then had our afternoon coffee and then began the long journey home. Despite the bad weather we really had a lovely time. I’m spending the holiday weekend (yes, Monday is another holiday here) in Itaipu with Cintia.

Today has been a nice, quiet day with Cintia. We got up and had breakfast and then went to the salon and got manicures and pedicures. The dark, rainy weather has put us into a kind of sleepy mood. Of course, I’m getting used to always feeling mildly sleepy — I’m still not sleeping well. The one night I had the medicine was better than usual, but still not completely restful. It’s so odd…oh well. I’ve read some interesting articles and had lots of time to pray.




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