It’s Sunny? Ok, Let’s Go!

I woke up this morning to sunshine. It was literally streaming through my window waking me up with it’s warm rays on my face. It was lovely. Josefina had already left to run some errands. So I got up and got ready and ate my breakfast. She got back and started to make lunch. Then Edir called. He said that we couldn’t waste this day and that we need to go to Pão de Açucár today. So, we ate lunch super fast and got ready to leave in a big hurry. We caught a bus into Rio and then Edir picked us up at the bus stop and we made our way to Sugar Loaf! I loved it! It was so beautiful and the cable cars were really cool. It was a little hazy at the top, as you can tell from the pictures, but the views were still breathtaking. The weather was perfect for going out — sunny and warm with a nice breeze to keep you cool.

There were so many tourists from all over the world. Lots of Italians, Germans and Americans were there today. Every time Edir heard someone speaking English he went up to them and told them that I was American and told me to go talk to them. Haha, it was kind of funny. I’m not one to go up to strangers and just start chatting and he really didn’t understand that. But I met some nice men from Utah and Idaho…then there were the Italians. Edir loved talking to them about his trip to Rome. It was a lot of fun. I’m so glad that we finally had a pretty day here !

Tomorrow we are going to go to shopping and I think that Yuri is going to come with us. That should also be really nice. I have lots of things that I need to buy to take home with me!



PS: thanks to everyone who has been praying for me. I’ve been sleeping much better the last few nights. I’ve been taking the natural herbal remedy that Wander gave me and I’ve started drinking caffeine free tea instead of coffee when we have our afternoon snack.

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