Oh November

Hello, Friends. I am sitting here at Cintia’s workplace very thankful for her friend, Jo..? who loaned me his laptop. We left home around 9am and won’t leave here until 8pm. I finished the one book that I brought and was dangerously close to filling up my last moleskine journal! I’m especially thankful because Eduardo needed his mini modem back this week, which means that I won’t have any internet connection until Friday at the earliest. I was sad. I am sad. But thankfully, my new friend saved the day and I am able to catch up on the news, the blog some emails, etc before I go into solitude for the week. 🙂

Saturday was a lot of fun. Josefina, Yuri and I went to Plaza and did some serious shopping. No, really, we beat that mall into submission. I have never done so much shopping in so little time. We had so many bags and poor Yuri had the task of carrying all of them (he didn’t want my help) and making sure I didn’t get lost in the crowd. Haha, he did a good job though. I got a lot of practice using my portuguese! Neither one of them speaks any English, so I had to use a lot of brain power to communicate, but it was rewarding and very good practice.

Later that night I went out to dinner with Cintial, Eduardo and a couple of their friends. We went back to the Creperia in Sao Francisco. Love that place! It was really nice and then Sunday we went grocery shopping…believe me it was quite the event. Hours and hours of shopping for food. Then we went out to dinner with Eduardo’s mom.

Yesterday was cloudy and rainy. We went out to the Japanese restaurant where Cintia and Eduardo started dating and then went to an old military fort. However, it was a holiday, so it was closed. Yeah, another one. Saturday was also a holiday–Black Consciousness Day. Yesterday was only in Niteroi, it was like the anniversary of the founding of the city or something. I’m not really sure though.

Thursday is Thanksgiving. It’s pretty much my favorite holiday. I am quite sad to be missing the time with family and the huge feast that they are going to be enjoying. I am going to go with my tutor, Ana, to talk to her English students about our special holiday! I’m going to show them some pictures and use my history degree to tell them about the pilgrims  and then tell them how we celebrate today. It should be a fun time.

What else…I am going to be 22 years old soon. It’s really weird, I totally feel like I just had 21st birthday. I remember that day — I sat in class from 8am in the morning to 8pm at night. It wasn’t exactly the best birthday I have ever had. My sweet family tried their best to make it special and I did enjoy the delicious breakfast my mother made for me at 6am!

Okay, well, it won’t be long until I see all of your beautiful faces again! Two more weeks…:)

I guess I’ll be back this weekend…until then, tchau!


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