Beijos and Babies

me and ana b

Meet minha filha, Ana Beatriz. Everyone thinks she looks like me and the new joke is that I came to Brazil to have my kid. Edir seriously doesn’t want the joke to die. So when I bit my tongue eating an apple and consequently got the biggest sore ever (it prevents me from talking and eating…yeah I’m starving. I’ve eaten a pear and a piece of ham today) Edir asked me who I had been kissing. He keeps joking that I’m some wild thing and that he needs to call my parents and tell them that not only do I have a daughter, but I’ve also been going around kissing men that he doesn’t know. He cracks me up! But really, isn’t she adorable? She is such a happy little baby and I really did fall in love her! And as for the sore in my mouth I’m praying that this medicine works and that I wake up and am able to eat a good breakfast, because I’m starving!


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