I’m in North Carolina!!! Ahh, I can’t even tell you all how good it feels to be back in the USA. It was really hard to say goodbye to everyone yesterday. I got all choked up and everything. But boy it’s good to be back home. The flight was GREAT. Seriously, I’ve never had such a great flight before. It was only about 30% full, so there was no one in front of me or behind me or bedside or in the row beside me. I stretched out and slept like a baby. I went to sleep around 10pm est and got up 5:30 est and feel fresh as a daisy. That NEVER happens. Customs was a breeze — the officer was so nice and responded quite nicely to my early morning friendliness. I forgot that chocolate counted as a food item and had to tell him that I did indeed have food. He was super nice about it and just said, “oh no worries, if that’s the worst thing you’ve done today, I’d say you’re in really good shape! Enjoy the snow in Boone and have  a great day!” Yeah that made my day. Then I made a new friend in the security line. So pretty much this day has gotten off to a fantastic start. I’m looking forward to seeing all of those familiar, loving faces in Raleigh, then Burlington and then finally BOONE TOWN!!!!!!



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