My World is White

It’s snowing again. It’s pretty for a little while…but then it turns all black and becomes one big hassle. Ahh, I’m kind of over winter weather. I guess I might be longing for a some pretty little flakes when I’m in Africa….funny how that works, isn’t it?


I was cleaning out my inbox and came across this blog post from Challies that I had sent to a friend a while back. The poem is beautiful and I thought you might enjoy it.




Last week I read a short biography of John and Betty Stam, missionary martyrs to China. Stay tuned for a review. In that book, written by Vance Christie, was a poem and the story that inspired it. I thought I’d share that today.


The poem, titled “Afraid?” was written by Presbyterian missionary E.H. Hamilton following the recent martyrdom of one of his colleagues, J.W. Vinson, at the hands of rebel soldiers in northern China. A small Chinese girl who escaped from the bandits related the incident that provided the inspiration for Hamilton’s poem.

“Are you afraid?” the bandits asked Vinson as they menacingly waved a gun in front of him.

“No,” he replied with complete assurance. “If you shoot, I go straight to heaven.”

His decapitated body was found later.

Afraid? Of what?
To feel the spirit’s glad release?
To pass from pain to perfect peace,
The strife and strain of life to cease?
Afraid? Of that?

Afraid? Of what?
Afraid to see the Saviour’s face,
To hear His welcome, and to trace,
The glory gleam from wounds of grace,
Afraid? Of that?

Afraid? Of what?
A flash – a crash – a pierced heart;
Brief darkness – Light – O Heaven’s art!
A wound of His a counterpart!
Afraid? Of that?

Afraid? Of what?
To enter into Heaven’s rest,
And yet to serve the Master blessed?
From service good to service best?
Afraid? Of that?

Afraid? Of what?
To do by death what life could not –
Baptize with blood a stony plot,
Till souls shall blossom from the spot?
Afraid? Of that?


Goodbye 2010, hello 2011. 2010 was definitely a year full of change. Good change for the most part. Graduation, engagements, weddings, travel, lots of stuff. It felt like it all flew by in a whirl of color. I think 2011 is going to be more of the same — more changes for sure. We’re moving in three weeks, I’m off to Africa in June, tons of friends are graduating, some are getting married, some are moving…I guess this is growing up. 🙂

Well one thing that hasn’t changed is New Year’s Eve with the Williams. Love this tradition. A weekend full of great friends, good food and tons of laughing. I sure did miss my buddies Bekah and David though.