Weird Hotels

The Blow Up Hall 5050 – Poland

At this odd hotel in Poland you get an iPhone instead of a traditional key to open doors, operate tv’s and turn lights on and off, etc. You’re also filmed while in your room….a little creepy if you ask me. All of the rooms are different — some are completely white others are more normal looking. You don’t know which room you’re going to get until you check in and pick a card which will tell you your room. The hotel is a work of art and then they ask you to participate in making new art (the being filmed part).Weird.

Chocolate Mousse Pie and Cookies

Seriously, how delicious do these cookies look? They are dairy and gluten free! Trust me, they taste so good. I used the cookies to make a pie crust for my chocolate mousse pie.

The crust was so easy! Just crumble up about 7 cookies and then add melted Vegan butter and press into a pie pan, let set in the freezer for 15 minutes and then bake it for 15 and voilà, you’re ready to go!

And there is the chocolatey heaven in a bowl.

Mmmm…the sad part is having to wait three hours for this baby to set in the fridge. It was soo hard to wait to dig into it! But it was worth it.

There it is with shaved chocolate on top.

See our happy faces?

.travel bug

1 LONDON – I love London. My grandmother lived there when I was a little girl and she promised she would take me when I was old enough. So two weeks before my 16th birthday, Ma-ma, my mom and I went on a ten day adventure across the pond. I’m dying to go back.

2 CROATIA – Freshman orientation I met a girl who’s boyfriend was Croatian and she showed me some pictures of her summer vacation there. I decided then and there that I had to go. Google it and you will too.

3 PRAGUE – Looks so beautiful, charming and romantic.

4 PARIS – It’s Paris, need I say more?

5 SEOUL – I was born in South Korea and would love to have the opportunity to go and explore the country. I absolutely adore Korean food and wouldn’t mind going for that reason alone! I’ve heard that Seoul is a really cool city to visit though.

6 AMSTERDAM – I read a short story in high school about a girl who lived in the deep south and then moved to Amsterdam and well, now I have to go.

i was thinking

It’s snowing. Again. And Kathryn and I have been devouring that heavenly chocolate mousse pie (pictures and recipe to come…) and invading poor Mitchell’s space. But really, it’s been a great day. The four of us got up bright and early and drove down to Charlotte to visit mom in the hospital. Her surgery went really well yesterday. She’s still super sore and pretty groggy, but doing well overall. We won’t really know if the surgery is going to fix the chronic pain and give her the relief that she needs for a few weeks. The surgery is super invasive and so we’re just so thankful to God for protecting her and bringing her through the procedure without any complications. Thanks for all the prayers.

On another note, I’ve been baking and experimenting with dairy and gluten free recipes and to my surprise it’s all been quite delicious. So far I’ve had chocolate chip cookies, chocolate mousse pie, and pizza. I found a recipe for gluten free all purpose flour that is great — the texture is great and it works really well as a substitute for the real stuff. I was very happy with the results. and of course I’m quite used to going without the dairy, but the gluten free thing is interesting and quite the adventure. But it might not have to be permanent, it’s kind of an experiment and so far I’m feeling great. More on that later though.

Also, Kathryn and I are planning a Valentine’s Day craft session and I’m super stoked about that. I’m planning on making some really cute glittery heart pins that I can wear in my hair or pinned on my shirt on Monday! I’m in the mood to be festive. I also want to make some beaaaauuutifulllll cards for all my loved ones 🙂 and the more glitter and sequins the better!! I’ll take some pictures of the final results.