.travel bug

1 LONDON – I love London. My grandmother lived there when I was a little girl and she promised she would take me when I was old enough. So two weeks before my 16th birthday, Ma-ma, my mom and I went on a ten day adventure across the pond. I’m dying to go back.

2 CROATIA – Freshman orientation I met a girl who’s boyfriend was Croatian and she showed me some pictures of her summer vacation there. I decided then and there that I had to go. Google it and you will too.

3 PRAGUE – Looks so beautiful, charming and romantic.

4 PARIS – It’s Paris, need I say more?

5 SEOUL – I was born in South Korea and would love to have the opportunity to go and explore the country. I absolutely adore Korean food and wouldn’t mind going for that reason alone! I’ve heard that Seoul is a really cool city to visit though.

6 AMSTERDAM – I read a short story in high school about a girl who lived in the deep south and then moved to Amsterdam and well, now I have to go.

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  1. Croatia is beautiful!!! plus they have really beautiful jewelry there at the craft vendors, and the farmers market is brimming over with gorgeous flowers and fruit. But everyone seemed extraordinarily tall…and thin. I def. did NOT look like a native:) but let’s go! haha

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