As you all know, I’ve been busy this week. I’ve had quite the collection of odd jobs ranging from childcare, to moving boxes and furniture and setting displays. Actually, it’s been kind of fun — I haven’t had to do any one thing for long and nothing gets boring. But, my schedule has been really, really full. On a couple of days I barely made it from job A to job B in time. But somehow I was always on time (no, I didn’t speed — I don’t do that anymore, remember???).

Today I’m just here to tell you about my battle scars. I have long, thin scratches all up and down my arms from moving boxes, furniture and other large things on Tuesday. My finger nails are a nasty mess from breaking down boxes and setting up displays. My clothes are stained and smelly from being with children all the time. I have some beautiful puncture wounds and scabs on my leg from my darling little cat friend. Oh yeah and then there are the nice, large, puffy black bags under my eyes. Those are from staying up too late and getting up too early 🙂 I’m actually quite proud of my little collection of wounds!! It’s been a really good, full week. I’ve enjoyed being busy and having the pressure of getting a lot done.

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