The ocean

I’m feeling much better today. We think it was probably just a little bug that’s been going around…I did sleep in and decided not to go swimming yet. I’ve enjoyed a quiet morning alone in the house of reading and praying. Here are a couple more photos…

beach across from my house

My internet connection is acting up right now, so I think it’ll just be the one picture for now. I took the picture from our front porch. It’s a little dark and rainy today. The perfect day for a nap!



under the weather

I woke up feeling great and had breakfast and was enjoying a great book (on my Kindle–which I love. Joni is getting one soon too!) when all of a sudden I started feeling really lousy and pretty nauseated. Something is going around…I think it’s one of those 24 hour bugs or something. Should be good as new soon, but today has been blah. I’ve just been lazy and tried to rest and Nikelle and I are watching movies tonight. If I’m feeling better I’ll go to church for the first  time in Liberia tomorrow!

Despite being sick, it’s been a pretty good day. I’ve gotten a lot of reading done and a good amount of writing and processing. Laughing is also always good medicine and we’ve done some of that today 🙂



the explosion in paris and other things

the explosion in paris

I got to Paris and soon realized that it was almost humanly impossible for me to roll a 50lb bag, roll a decent sized carry on, carry a backpack, and lug around another 50lb duffel bag. I mean, I’m pretty strong, but not that strong 🙂 Ok, ok, so I’m really not that strong at all…so I knew something had to give. Either my arms, legs and back or some of the weight.

another angle of the explosion

I wasn’t kidding when I said explosion…but I would like to say that I only had to chuck a couple of non-essentials and due to my incredible packing skills I fit almost everything into….get ready for it…

down to two bags, a backpack and very small tote

For those of you who saw my luggage before I repacked, I’m sure you must be thinking I just threw the other bag and all of its contents away, but I didn’t! Most of it is in those two bags! Once I got to Lier, I unpacked everything and then repacked it into all three bags for the flight. It was quite a chore, but it certainly helped not to have to manage so many bags through airports, train stations, taxis, etc.

my room!

Oops this photo is a bit blurry. This picture was taken from the door. The closet is to the right and to the left is an extra bed. Friends, you are welcome to come, I have extra room 🙂 Haha.

my room

I will try to get some more shots of the house and the ocean and the people this weekend. So far it’s been pretty busy and I just haven’ t had a chance to go around with my camera. Oh, if you want to see some photos of our staff 5k Friday run you can check out Bev’s blog. I’m super psyched about the 10k and am excited about training with all of the staff. It should be a lot of fun.

I’m a smooooth mamalaterrrr

Hi, Friends!!!! Today is my second full day here in Liberia. I went into the office for a little while this morning for devotions and to work out some finance stuff. After that Bev, the boys (Isaac and Felix), Joni, Nikelle and I headed into town for CLP supplies, groceries and lunch. We bought lots of supplies and then headed to Diana’s for lunch. I had chicken shwarma and a huge plate of french fries. It was delicious! After that we headed to the Stop and Shop for groceries. Okay, it was hilarious, the song “Smooth Operator” was playing on repeat the whole time. But the boys thought it was “Smooth mamalaterrrrrr!” It was so cute and hysterical!

After we got back from our trip into town Nikelle and I met with Bev and Aaron and went over some safety and security stuff. Then we headed back to the house to change for our staff 5k Friday run. We’re preparing for a 10k race in August to raise money for SP Liberia — more on that later!

The past two days in Liberia have been great. I’m settled into my room here at the staff house and am getting to know the girls and the other staff. I’ll keep you all posted!



goodbye, boone.

Tomorrow is the day! Tomorrow evening I’ll be flying out and heading to Liberia. I’ve had a great week of orientation here at IHQ. I’ve learned a lot and made some new friends along the way. I told Bev that I’d try to rest up this week so I’d be nice and fresh when I arrived in Monrovia, but that didn’t really happen…:) There was simply too much to do! However, I’m probably going to just pass out on the plane. Monday morning I’ll be on a helicopter taking me to the bush! I’m super psyched and so excited to see how God is working and moving in Liberia. Please pray for me as I travel tomorrow and as I adjust to this new place and culture. I’ll try to update the blog frequently.



…counting down

And the countdown has begun — twelve more days until I board a plane headed for Monrovia, Liberia! I’m so excited. I’ve had a busy couple of weeks, but it sure has been lots of fun. I’ve had a blast with my friends and have enjoyed some quality time with my family. Now, I’ve gotta start thinking about packing and then next week I’ll be in orientation. I would definitely appreciate your prayers. I know that life in Liberia is going to be so different and it’s my prayer that I would be able to adjust quickly and be effective as I seek to serve the Lord.

and because everything is better with a photo…

it was so great to be able to be in Annapolis for commissioning week! it’s been quite a while since we’ve all been together and we definitely had a lot of good times and adventures.