I’m a smooooth mamalaterrrr

Hi, Friends!!!! Today is my second full day here in Liberia. I went into the office for a little while this morning for devotions and to work out some finance stuff. After that Bev, the boys (Isaac and Felix), Joni, Nikelle and I headed into town for CLP supplies, groceries and lunch. We bought lots of supplies and then headed to Diana’s for lunch. I had chicken shwarma and a huge plate of french fries. It was delicious! After that we headed to the Stop and Shop for groceries. Okay, it was hilarious, the song “Smooth Operator” was playing on repeat the whole time. But the boys thought it was “Smooth mamalaterrrrrr!” It was so cute and hysterical!

After we got back from our trip into town Nikelle and I met with Bev and Aaron and went over some safety and security stuff. Then we headed back to the house to change for our staff 5k Friday run. We’re preparing for a 10k race in August to raise money for SP Liberia — more on that later!

The past two days in Liberia have been great. I’m settled into my room here at the staff house and am getting to know the girls and the other staff. I’ll keep you all posted!




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