Summer Lessons

“All your circumstances are ordered in wisdom by a living, thoughtful, and loving God. Our heavenly Father knows what He is doing. Even when His way appears to be involved and complicated and we cannot untangle the threads, the Lord sees all things clearly. His breadth exceeds the range of our vision; His depth baffles our profoundest thought.” – CH Spurgeon

This summer was incredible. I learned so much and had so many crazy adventures. God was very good to me. I am thankful for each experience, each lesson learned and each new friend that I made. I think about all of the ways that God protected me this summer and am so overwhelmed by his kindness. First of all, as many of you will remember, I had quite the detour on my way to Liberia and had stops in Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Paris, Lille, Brussels and Lier before making it to my new home in Liberia. My whirlwind European tour had its share of adventure and unnerving moments, but I made it to Monrovia and found new friends waiting for me there. Again, God was so kind in giving me just what I needed for each task that he had for me. Surprisingly, I didn’t have much jet lag and was able to jump into my new routine and life in Liberia quickly. My month in Africa was unforgettable and I am so thankful for the time that I had.

I am still processing so much of what I experienced while I was there. Getting sick was definitely not in my ideal plan for my internship, but I am confident that “his breadth exceeds the range of my vision,” for sure and that nothing will thwart his plan an purpose. I appreciate all the prayers and sweet notes that so many of you sent me. There were some scary moments throughout this ordeal, but God really met me in each one of my fears and provided comfort through all of you! After much prayer, thought and discussion I have decided that it is wisest for me to stay in the states at this point. I am still much weaker than I had anticipated being by this time and it’s unclear how long it will actually take for me to feel 100% better. My immune system is down and I’ve been catching all of the little colds that are going around and I really don’t want to go back and then just have to have someone babysit me all the time. Anyway, God has really made it clear to me that he is closing this door for now and that this season is ending. I struggled for a long time with this as I had planned on going back around August 16 and when I left Liberia had no indication or thought that I wouldn’t return very soon. I left many of my personal things there and I felt like I had left a piece of my heart. I’m still so sad about not returning to finish the work that I was so excited about being a part of and not getting to go back to see my friends, but God has given me a lot of peace about this decision and I am ready to trust him for the next step.


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