Row, Row, Row Your Boat

our lake of shining waters

Kathryn took Sarah and I canoeing on Price Lake on Tuesday. The setting was quite picturesque in my opinion. We had a great time singing Disney songs, chatting and trying to switch places a couple of times. Just a little FYI – you should not attempt to stand and move around in a canoe! It almost ended in disaster for us.

tootsie pops made the adventure sweet


Kathryn was the power in this little boat! Look how intense she looks! Generally speaking, she’s better at this kind of thing than me or Sarah…S, do you concur?


Our own little Pocahontas rowing around the lake. Sarah provided wonderful entertainment. She was also excellent at helping us keep time…

learning to steer

I tried my best to steer…I think by the end of it I was kind of sort of getting the hang of it.


One response

  1. I do concur. K maintains constant unity with nature, whilst you and I tend to enjoy the luxuries that destroy nature, therefore being in not-so-much communion with nature 🙂

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