The Little Things

I recently started Financial Peace University and during the group discussion portion of the class we started talking about what we spend our money on. It was interesting to really stop and think about where my money actually goes. I’ve done this before, but saying it out loud somehow made it real or something. Anyway, I don’t necessarily think about it day to day as I spend it, but I really don’t make very many large purchases. It’s a lunch here or a coffee there and an Earth Fare run or a movie night…after a cursory glance at my checking account most of my purchases are under $20, it’s just a lot of little things really add up.

And so it is in life. Since coming home from Liberia in July, my plans have been largely up in the air. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to stay in the States and not go back to Liberia this year. God really made it clear that he was closing that door for now and that He has me here. This is of course a major change in plans. I am back at home with my family unexpectedly and without a job and am now trying to figure out a plan. I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed by it all. I miss Liberia so much and am still trying to process everything that happened this summer and I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing now and where I am in the recovery process. I honestly feel pretty good now, but I’ve realized that I am definitely not where I was pre-Dengue fever and sometimes that is really discouraging. Yesterday I tried to go running and I found out that right now I’m still fairly physically limited. It’s even more frustrating now that I’m feeling like I’m completely fine again to realize that I’m still working through the recovery process.

Instead of seeing little tasks that I can accomplish in steps, I’ve been facing huge mountains that seem insurmountable right now. I’ve been freaking out about finding a job and a place to live and then on top of that thinking that I might need to move in order to find a job and on and on…slowly I’ve realized that those are really just made up of “small purchases.” So, yes, all of that probably needs to happen, but it doesn’t all just happen in one big sweeping movement. I can start with the little things; updating my resumé, networking, taking time to just be still and listen, talking through some of the things that I experienced this summer and really just spending a lot of time in the Word and in prayer.

So, thank you Dave Ramsey for that little nugget of truth.


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