…but now it’s a really great story


I love this print! As soon as I saw it I thought of quite a few adventures with Sari

Like the time we decided it would be a good idea to offer to sing at our friend Yaneth’s church without any preparation…good thing we abandoned the idea of singing in Spanish, we struggled enough with the english version of the song.

Or what about that time that we paid for gas and then drove off without a single drop in the tank and were flat on empty?

Oh another good one, that night when we pulled into a very dark alley in Georgetown at 1am with a flat tire and enlisted the help of five very big and very intoxicated men.

There are more, so call me if you need a good laugh…

We do usually exercise excellent judgment, but we have had our moments…but like I said, bad decisions [sometimes] make really great stories.

xoxo, Jem


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