tchau for now :)


There is just no way around it, saying goodbye is always hard. Rinitini left for New Zealand today. She’s ready. God has called her to the other side of the world and I know that it’s time for her to go in obedience to his calling. I can’t wait to see what God does while she’s gone.

I’ve known Katherini for years, but really got to know her in the last year or so. I came back from Brazil last winter feeling cold and a bit out of place — Boone seemed so lonely! Most of my friends did not call Boone home anymore or were working and traveling abroad. But God knew just what I needed and he provided a precious friend for me in Kathryn.

We made some pretty awesome memories this winter, spring and summer and I’m so thankful for them. Whether it was my experimenting with gluten-free, dairy free baking or running on the greenway, driving around town, hiking, making earrings, wandering around Boone, studying scripture at Earthfare, well, we had lots of fun and plenty of adventures.

Kathryn is warm and loving and has the gift of making everyone feel at ease. Her gentle spirit and self-deprecating humor make me smile. She is the perfect hostess — she just loves on you without over thinking all of the details. I am thankful for the way she has loved me and encouraged me. I know that she will be an amazing asset to the team in New Zealand, but oh Kathryn, know that you will be sorely missed here in Boone. I’m going to miss my rides around town in Stallone, deep discussions over hot tea, laughing at the way you pronounce certain words, and of course the adventure you bring to my life!


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