living, learning, loving

Not knowing is something that I am not very good at. I like to know the plan – I’m not super uptight or anything, if the plan is to have a free day and be spontaneous, GREAT! Sounds like fun, but I need to know that. Focus, effective, productive, etc are some of my favorite words. I struggle to be focused, effective and productive without a plan though. I love organization – in my spaces and in my life.

Part of feeling organized, for me at least, is to know the long term plan. But who really knows what the rest of their life is going to look like? No one, really. I don’t and that’s ok, I just need to figure out the next step. I was so blessed by a lunch that I had with a friend this week. She reminded me that I don’t need to know what the plan for the rest of my life is going to look like, besides I can’t know that and to try to figure it out will only lead to confusion and frustration! I just need to do the next step and trust. I worry so much about making the wrong move and having that mess up the next thing…silly, silly me! How arrogant for me to think that I can mess up my Sovereign God’s plan. Another great reminder was that God’s plan and will for my life is to be molded and conformed to the likeness of Christ. That’s it, that’s what he has said in his word. It’s not some secret mystery! He has told us, yes, the how might look very different in my life from yours, but I know the what!

Questions: What are my spiritual gifts? What is my personality type? What do I see as the greatest need in the world? The place where these things come together is where I want to serve. Aren’t these great questions? My friend really encouraged me just by asking really good questions. I have lots to think about now.