for good reason joy is in our hearts!

for good reason joy is in our hearts | sara groves

I was listening to Sara Groves Fireflies and Songs album the other day (yes, it has become an all time favorite) and was so struck by the song Joy is in our Hearts. God has been kind in teaching me so much this year. I’ve learned that the hard things are for my benefit and good. The good things have become even sweeter as I realize that all I need I have in Christ.  The past couple of months have really been a sweet gift. I’ve learned that I really do have good reason to be joyful. No matter what my current circumstances may be I have hope and joy because Christ has redeemed my life and I am His. I am learning, slowly, sometimes too slowly I fear, but still I am learning to love because He loved me first. I am learning to give because everything I have has been given to me and it’s not mine anyway. My heart is full of joy and hope this Christmas season.