two weeks in photos

Me and Annie at the TOT in Foya last week. I’m so excited to be working with her! I’m heading back up to Foya on Monday for ten days to visit our CLP communities and work with our facilitators.

I must admit, I was SO happy when the TOT ended…it was a long week. The NAEAL facilitators even recognized me as the first ever expat to sit through an entire training week. They said that everyone else had to take frequent breaks and walks…I can totally understand why! It was so long and inefficient! But overall the week was really good.

Thank you to Elizabeth for teaching me how to make a homemade chai latte! This has literally transformed my mornings 🙂 Mmmmm so good. For real. Be jealous. Haha.

I love that the ocean is right outside my house in Monrovia. It’s so nice to be able to take a walk and enjoy the waves after work…

Elizabeth, Ben and I took little Anna to play on the beach last night. We had loads of fun running around in the sand…

Later! xoxo,


One response

  1. I love seeing pictures of your world over there! How do you make a homemade chai latte? Do you use an espresso machine? Would love recipe!

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