blue house and vai town

We tried out a new restaurant last weekend called the blue house. It was delicious! I had a smoked salmon and feta cheese salad. And we all wore our vai town dresses.

Boston Creme pie cupcakes…mmm they were delicious!

Surfing at myrtle beach…


Fake Food in the Morning

This is why I love Toy Stores. Fake food parties at 7am in the morning…haha, I enlisted Kathryn to help me decorate this fine food. Somehow I get recruited to be in charge of putting together this demo for Whipple Cream…it was interesting, but I think it turned out ok.



Chocolate Mousse Pie and Cookies

Seriously, how delicious do these cookies look? They are dairy and gluten free! Trust me, they taste so good. I used the cookies to make a pie crust for my chocolate mousse pie.

The crust was so easy! Just crumble up about 7 cookies and then add melted Vegan butter and press into a pie pan, let set in the freezer for 15 minutes and then bake it for 15 and voilà, you’re ready to go!

And there is the chocolatey heaven in a bowl.

Mmmm…the sad part is having to wait three hours for this baby to set in the fridge. It was soo hard to wait to dig into it! But it was worth it.

There it is with shaved chocolate on top.

See our happy faces?