i love living. i love to laugh, to enjoy and find pleasure in the little things. sometimes i’m probably a little bit overly enthusiastic about the little joys in life and i’m sure my cheery optimism gets annoying from time to time, but friends, i’ve got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart! haha, oooh, but really, i do just love to discover things and to chase adventures and try new things. some of the things that i enjoyed this week…
CLP — we started men’s classes this year! i visited one on tuesday night. it was so encouraging to see their enthusiasm. i’m excited to see how the Lord uses these classes this year — we’re already hearing exciting testimonies from the participants and i’m hoping to see lots of growth!
Goats — we have goats on our compound up in Foya and they’re kind of cute! But they’re also kind of fast…Justin and I jumped in their little pen and decided to try to catch one. it took a few minutes and we had to do lots of running around, but we finally caught one.
Pak Batt 16 — They served up some delicious new dishes and the Major knows of mine and Eleanor’s great love for his chai tea and has said that we can come and get it to go any time we want! so exciting. i went on tuesday and picked one up for lunch. it was divine! just the pick me up kind of booster that i needed that day!
Lapa Dresses — I bought some fabric the other day and took it to the local tailor in Foya. I had a skirt and top made. Ooooh it was just too much fun. It only cost about $4 USD and it turned out so cute. I wasn’t sure how the quality would be up in Foya, I have a lady down here in Monrovia who does excellent work, but is more expensive. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and promised to come back and get more dresses made. Plus, the tailors are so fun to chat with and they’re teaching me the local language.
Baking — I’m on a total baking kick right now. Cooking is so therapeutic for me. I’ve been making lots of cupcakes and cakes and dinners with Danielle. So much fun. Tonight I am baking a cake for our expat get together tomorrow night. Oooh it was so funny, I put the second layer in the oven and set the timer and after 40 minutes went back into the kitchen to find a pan full of batter. Ha, the propane had run out after about 5 minutes in the oven.
Driving — I’m getting better at stick shift! Been cruising around Foya!
Motorbike — Got a new helmet — black with orange and red flames, yes, be jealous! I feel pretty cool with that thing on. i have been riding on the back of lots of motorbikes this week. i was a little bit freaked out a couple of times on the big hill going to the hospistal, but all ended well.
New Haircut — Joni is our official SP stylist and she brought her hair cutting kit up to Foya so that she could give me and Justin haircuts…well just wait for the video, but Justin ended up cutting my hair…it’s actually kind of cute and I like it!
Dinner at the Staff House — always something to laugh about!


How the day?

Alright folks, it’s time for me to learn how to ride one of these things! Woohoo! Went on my first ride two data ago with TayTay and LOVED it…I’m excited.

This is where we have devotions up here in foya. All of SP Liberia is going through a study about the four essential components of salvation…there are even tests! Yikes!

It’s sunny and beautiful today. The Internet says its about 94, but it doesn’t feel too bad in the shade.

Ohhhh monkey had to be tied up again…

Lunch! Rice and pumpkin sauce…Liberian food is good, but oily. I can feel my arteries clogging.


Faint Hearts Never Won Fair Lady

Robin Hood said it well, “Faint hearts never won fair lady.” That’s one of my favorite quotes from the whole movie, but there are just so many good ones. I’ve also been humming, “Robin Hood and Little John walkin’ through the forest…” I had forgotten how much I LOVE Robin Hood until last night. I was riding home from Atlanta with a friend and he said he had it on his laptop, so we plugged it in and I watched and he listened and we had so much fun!

I think I’m going to have to go back and watch all of my favorite Disney movies now. They are just way too much fun to sing-a-long to and to quote. I must be a kid at heart. What are you favorites?




I was randomly surfing some travel sites the other day and came across this photo. I immediately recognized the town of Lier. I was there this summer unexpectedly after a number of missed flights, redirections and broken down trains and very expensive taxi rides. I realized that it is really quite a charming little town and that I wouldn’t mind going back someday.

On the Wiki page for Lier, Belgium it says that they are known for their beer. No kidding! I couldn’t find a restaurant when I was there — just lots and lots of bars full of men who stared at me. Where were the women? Yeah, I felt a little uncomfortable and kept searching until I was about to faint from lack of sustenance and exhaustion. However, I love a good adventure and would do it again!

…but now it’s a really great story


I love this print! As soon as I saw it I thought of quite a few adventures with Sari

Like the time we decided it would be a good idea to offer to sing at our friend Yaneth’s church without any preparation…good thing we abandoned the idea of singing in Spanish, we struggled enough with the english version of the song.

Or what about that time that we paid for gas and then drove off without a single drop in the tank and were flat on empty?

Oh another good one, that night when we pulled into a very dark alley in Georgetown at 1am with a flat tire and enlisted the help of five very big and very intoxicated men.

There are more, so call me if you need a good laugh…

We do usually exercise excellent judgment, but we have had our moments…but like I said, bad decisions [sometimes] make really great stories.

xoxo, Jem