How the day?

Alright folks, it’s time for me to learn how to ride one of these things! Woohoo! Went on my first ride two data ago with TayTay and LOVED it…I’m excited.

This is where we have devotions up here in foya. All of SP Liberia is going through a study about the four essential components of salvation…there are even tests! Yikes!

It’s sunny and beautiful today. The Internet says its about 94, but it doesn’t feel too bad in the shade.

Ohhhh monkey had to be tied up again…

Lunch! Rice and pumpkin sauce…Liberian food is good, but oily. I can feel my arteries clogging.


Foya Base Photos

This is our base in Foya. It’s the largest of all of our sub-bases…we have over 150 staff based here. There’s always a lot going on up here. We don’t have electricity or water up here, but we are getting fast Internet in April which will make life and work much easier!

These flowers are right beside my desk and I thought they were so pretty.

My workspace in Foya, yes, I must admit its pretty lovely…

for good reason joy is in our hearts!

for good reason joy is in our hearts | sara groves

I was listening to Sara Groves Fireflies and Songs album the other day (yes, it has become an all time favorite) and was so struck by the song Joy is in our Hearts. God has been kind in teaching me so much this year. I’ve learned that the hard things are for my benefit and good. The good things have become even sweeter as I realize that all I need I have in Christ.  The past couple of months have really been a sweet gift. I’ve learned that I really do have good reason to be joyful. No matter what my current circumstances may be I have hope and joy because Christ has redeemed my life and I am His. I am learning, slowly, sometimes too slowly I fear, but still I am learning to love because He loved me first. I am learning to give because everything I have has been given to me and it’s not mine anyway. My heart is full of joy and hope this Christmas season.

People of God

People of God | Gungor

we could have tongues of angels
we could move mountains with our faith
we could give everything away
but if we don’t have love
we’re left with nothing

we could see blind eyes opened
know all the mysteries of our faith
we could sing all the highest praise
but if we don’t have love
we’re left with nothing

people of God rise up
rise up and shine God’s love
we are the light of the world
of the world oh
we are the light of the world
of the world oh

love is the what holds it all together
love never fails, it never dies
there is no deeper truth
we know that God is love, our God is love
tear down the walls that divide us
let love rebuild and unite us
all we need is
all we need is love

Faint Hearts Never Won Fair Lady

Robin Hood said it well, “Faint hearts never won fair lady.” That’s one of my favorite quotes from the whole movie, but there are just so many good ones. I’ve also been humming, “Robin Hood and Little John walkin’ through the forest…” I had forgotten how much I LOVE Robin Hood until last night. I was riding home from Atlanta with a friend and he said he had it on his laptop, so we plugged it in and I watched and he listened and we had so much fun!

I think I’m going to have to go back and watch all of my favorite Disney movies now. They are just way too much fun to sing-a-long to and to quote. I must be a kid at heart. What are you favorites?



The Keurig

I went in to work today just like I do every week day. I dropped my things off at my desk and logged into my computer and turned on my little space heater so that my hands could thaw out and type at their normal speed. After that I grabbed my mug and went to the break area for round 3 of coffee. Yep, round 3 at 8:15am. Here’s how it goes; my alarm goes off at 5:30am and I get up and start moving and jump in the shower and get ready and then around 6:30am I head down to the kitchen for my first cup of coffee, then I usually read and catch up on the news while eating breakfast and then grab another mug to take with me to work. I drink that last cup during my short drive to work and during devotions. So, as you can see by the time I am sitting at my desk ready to work I am ready for my third and last cup of the morning. This morning I walked over to the break area knowing that my third cup would be a sad, flavorless mug of folgers that would have to be helped by a bit of sugar and maybe even some cream. I normally drink my coffee black, but when it’s as nasty as that pre-ground Folgers stuff that tastes like it’s been sitting around for years, you just have to enlist the help of some sugar and cream. Well there I was making my way to the coffee maker when I heard quite the commotion. Everyone was huddled around the counter looking at something. That something happened to be the end of me. I think I might overdose on coffee. Ladies and gentlemen, we bought a Keurig machine. Yep, I can now bring my own delicious, fresh blend of coffee and pop it into the Keurig and have a steaming hot cup of coffee in seconds. Not good. I can’t even bring myself to say how many cups I had today…S, would not be happy….


Fireflies and Songs

fireflies and songs | sara groves

thirty years ago i was a little girl // riding in the back seat of the car // a woman sang you don’t bring me flowers anymore // i felt a sadness in my little heart

we’re looking for the music // in the music box // tearing it to pieces // trying to find a song

i was drawn to you in ways i can’t explain // we fought like crazy but i couldn’t stay away // piled on expectations and lots of blame // like we couldn’t do it any other way

we’re looking for a firefly // moving through the night // staring at the one place // swear it never lights

were you surprised our hearts were not like ticking clocks // with faces and hands easy to read // we both wished if only in the land of oz // longed for things we’d never really need

now we’re standing in the kitchen // all pretense is gone // you kiss me on the shoulder // fireflies and song