i was thinking

It’s snowing. Again. And Kathryn and I have been devouring that heavenly chocolate mousse pie (pictures and recipe to come…) and invading poor Mitchell’s space. But really, it’s been a great day. The four of us got up bright and early and drove down to Charlotte to visit mom in the hospital. Her surgery went really well yesterday. She’s still super sore and pretty groggy, but doing well overall. We won’t really know if the surgery is going to fix the chronic pain and give her the relief that she needs for a few weeks. The surgery is super invasive and so we’re just so thankful to God for protecting her and bringing her through the procedure without any complications. Thanks for all the prayers.

On another note, I’ve been baking and experimenting with dairy and gluten free recipes and to my surprise it’s all been quite delicious. So far I’ve had chocolate chip cookies, chocolate mousse pie, and pizza. I found a recipe for gluten free all purpose flour that is great — the texture is great and it works really well as a substitute for the real stuff. I was very happy with the results. and of course I’m quite used to going without the dairy, but the gluten free thing is interesting and quite the adventure. But it might not have to be permanent, it’s kind of an experiment and so far I’m feeling great. More on that later though.

Also, Kathryn and I are planning a Valentine’s Day craft session and I’m super stoked about that. I’m planning on making some really cute glittery heart pins that I can wear in my hair or pinned on my shirt on Monday! I’m in the mood to be festive. I also want to make some beaaaauuutifulllll cards for all my loved ones 🙂 and the more glitter and sequins the better!! I’ll take some pictures of the final results.